Rebekka Connelly received her BFA in Photography from The University of Georgia in 1998. After school,  she has worked as an illustrator and product designer for the boutique stationery company, Snow & Graham. She also created a set of children’s hands-on math games called MathKit. Now she spends her time creating art in her home studio in Decatur, GA. 

Rebekka’s current work, Stencil Print Paintings, is a result of her days as a designer when she was able to easily copy and paste shapes with the computer. By painting with stencils, she retains the repetition of copy/paste, away from the computer, while creating organic and unique handmade images. Her Stencil Print Paintings demonstrate her playful confidence in creating colorful, considered compositions. The texture of the brush strokes, the clean lines and shapes created by the stencils, and the fortuitous overprinting of colors all come together to create balanced and thoughtful works of art. 


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